2016  Artist in Residence Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne

Project Title: Saol Rianú


‘Saol Rianú’ was a year long process-led, collaborative engagement and partnership between the students and staff of Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne, Dingle, their art teacher Brenda Ní Fhrighill and artist Maree Hensey. The project was part funded by Creative Engagement NAPD.

The concept and approach was a contemporary exploration of the word Cartography, from two Greek terms chartis (map) and graphein (write).

During this time Maree was an artist in residence. She set up a studio space in the main corridor of the school and invited the school community to engage in the theme and processes and to visually explore the concept. Following the residency Maree continued the contact and exploration over several weeks using video conferencing technology for sessions of 40 – 80 minutes with first and second year students.


The visual and literary information gathered from the residency were used to develop a final piece of internal artwork for the school and a stop frame animation documenting the process for upload onto the school website.



2015  Artist in Residence Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne

Project Title: Cluas le hÉisteacht


Cluas le hÉisteacht was a year long process led engagement and partnership between the second year students of Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne, Dingle, their art teacher Brenda Ní Fhrighill and artist Maree Hensey. The project was part funded by Creative Engagement NAPD.

Over the course of the project Maree Hensey facilitated a series of workshops in the school as well as workshops using SKYPE technology. The students isolated and documented sounds within their environment. The recordings were processed, edited and made into a suitable format for participants to make their visual responses. The experience of stopping and isolating sound and making visual responses heightened awareness to sound, listening and soundscape.

The students were introduced to ways of mark making using a range of exploratory techniques, processes and experimental materials, large and small scale.

They gained a confidence in experimental and expressive mark making and working collaboratively.


A multimedia art trail in Gallararus Oratory and visitors centre on the Dingle Peninsula. Included in the art trail were: a sound installation, a video projection and an external exhibit of large-scale drawings.

The students learned important skills in self-evaluation, communication, technique and confidence that will be useful across all other subjects in the curriculum.

The project is featured on the arts in education portal.




2013-2015 Virtually There




How can technology facilitate, influence, and become an integral part of, arts practice between children and professional artists? What does it add to the creative process? How can it be more than just a tool for communication and become a creative form in its own right? For the past 7 years, Kids’ Own has been nurturing a new form of engagement between artists and children, which has given rise to some of these questions.

After 7 years – and with continued funding from Arts Council of Northern Ireland – this project has extended to six schools in Northern Ireland, and engages five professional artists from Ireland, north and south, and one UK-based artist, and has been piloted in South Dublin, with support from South Dublin County Council Arts Office.

Maree Hensey connects  with children in Bocombra Primary School from her studio in Clonmore Co.Carlow, using video conferencing software. The technology is not only a tool for communication, but a creative platform for Maree and the children to engage together.

Artist journal.




2013/14 Sounding Lines by artists Claire Halpin and Maree Hensey

sounding lines


Sounding Lines was a visual art project by Claire Halpin and Maree Hensey which encouraged participants to navigate and encounter the River Suir in an innovative and unexpected way. Communities experienced a heightened awareness and reverence for the river as a unique historical, cultural and ecological natural resource and experienced a strong connectivity to the River Suir through sound and visuals.

The project ended with a multimedia artwork trail along a towpath at Kilsheelan. There were artworks from the workshops, sound recordings, video projections, installations, and artworks which evolved from Maree’s and Claire’s collaboration which were placed in the natural and built environment of the riverbank.


sounding lines multi media art trail

This project was commissioned by South Tipperary County Council Arts Service and forms part of an INTERREG IVB programme entitled Green and Blue Futures. Tipperary County Council is one of the partners of this European Partnership Project.




2014 The Lullaby project

Lullaby Project 2014

The Lullaby project was a partnership between Kids’ Own and Early Childhood Ireland funded through the Arts Council’s Touring and Dissemination Award, with additional funding from Early Childhood Ireland and the Katharine Howard Foundation.

This was a localized tour travelling to three Early Childhood Care & Education Centres in County Sligo: Toadstool Cottage in Ballyrush, Little Pathways in Strandhill, and Sandcastles in Enniscrone.

The Lullaby project created a gentle sensory environment in which babies aged 6-18 months were invited to explore sounds and melodies, natural materials, texture, colour and mark making with artist Maree Hensey, musician Martin Brunsden and creative technologist John D’Arcy. The sentiment of lullaby was explored by the artists with the emphasis placed on the circle, slowing down, and building confidence through one-to-one engagement with the babies.

The work from this project culminated in the publication of a book & app for for iPhone and iPad.



2013/14  Being & Belonging

Being and Belonging 2014

‘Being & Belonging’ Cross-border Early years initiative.

Being & Belonging is an arts project that placed 4 artists in 4 parent & toddler groups in the border counties of Ireland. This project is delivered in partnership with Early Childhood Ireland and Early Years – the organisation for young children, Northern Ireland, and is funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Reconciliation Fund.

In the second phase in 2014, artists worked with parents and very young children over a six-week period in each location. Through a creative and exploratory process, the project aimed to celebrate creativity, diversity, inclusion and family learning. Being & Belonging also aims to build a north-south interagency framework that will support a culture of mutual respect and understanding, both within family homes and within the wider community.

Artists Maree Hensey and Naomi Draper worked with parent and toddler groups in Castlefinn, Co. Donegal and Beleek, Co. Fermanagh; Kate Wilson and Jess Reed with parent and toddler groups in Cavan & Derrylinn, Co. Fermanagh.

The first phase of Being & Belonging culminated in the publication of Opening the Door, a research and process document, sharing learning and outcomes of the project, which was supported by additional funding from the Arts Council of Ireland.